How Solidarity Works for Welfare

India is a huge country, but if you look at it through a social development lens, many of its states appear worlds apart. Some have social outcomes on a par with Sub Saharan Nations while others have outcomes comparable to those of northern Europe. How to explain such differences within a single country and among states that started at a similar point in history and what does that mean for societies beyond India? We're joined today by Prerna Singh, Mahatma Gandhi Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Watson Institute and an expert on the politics of social welfare. In her award-winning book, "How Solidarity Works for Welfare, Sub-nationalism, and Social Development in India", she analyzes the very different evolutions of social policy and welfare systems across states in India. You can read a transcript of this episode here: [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QDsFOgAO5lrKVvfWHDZwBQA90717Y4qs/view?usp=sharing]

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